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Stoney Creek Microtough Trousers - Tuatara Forest

Stoney Creek Microtough Trousers - Tuatara Forest
Highly durable and lightweight. Microtough is made from a polyester micro yarn. The highly resistant outer face has a Teflon™ Durable Water Repellency (DWR) that sheds water, repels dirt and stains and will not wash out. The inside of the fabric is woven flat using a special technique that enables the fabric to move with the skin. Microtough strong woven face lasts a heap longer, and less chance or tearing when you’re hunting in the scrub. Resistant to hook grass and burrs.

- Quick Dry
- Durable
- Silent

A entry level microtough trouser. Designed for durability & performance without the extra features.
- Front hand pockets
- Articulated knee for movement when climbing
- Belt loops
- Yoke at back for shaping and a better fit
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Machine or hand wash inside out using mild soap. No powdered detergents, no bleach or softeners. Tumble dry warm, avoid naked flame.

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