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    LED LENSER’s bestselling torch is now rechargeable! The NEW P7R also pumps out an incredible 1...
    NZ$ 219.95
  • LED Lenser K1
    This keychain light is the perfect size for your pocket, purse or keys. The K1 LED flashlight has a ...
    NZ$ 15.99
    Out Of Stock
  • LED Lenser P14.2
    Our newly updated LED LENSER P14.2 features a 1.5-inch reflector-lens, the heart of our Advanced Foc...
    NZ$ 199.99
    NZ$ 139.99
  • LED Lenser P3
    The smallest in the LED Lenser P-series, the P3 produces a bright beam for great lighting of short d...
    NZ$ 29.99
    Out Of Stock
  • LED Lenser P7.2
    This light is one of the most popular LED flashlights on the market today, and we’ve updated a...
    NZ$ 159.99
    NZ$ 119.99
  • Led Lenser MT14
    The light illuminates the darkest forest. The battery lasts for the longest camping, hunting or fish...
    NZ$ 299.99
    Out Of Stock
  • Led Lenser MT6
    Smart Light Technology
    This innovation turns a Ledlenser into your personal lighting tool: Using a ...
    NZ$ 179.99
  • Led Lenser P5R.2
    Rechargeable version of the P5.2, with the addition of Smart Light Technology offering three light f...
    NZ$ 199.99
  • Ledlenser P7QC Quattro Colour
    A unique torch that offers unprecedented lighting performance with 4 different light colour options ...
    NZ$ 209.99

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