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For mail order purchases of firearms and ammunition, the law requires you to fill in a Police Mail Order Form. This shows you have had a Police officer check that your firearms license is valid. This form below fulfils that purpose. Some Police stations prefer to use their own form but all forms require a current date, the purchaser and policeman's signature and the description of the goods that are being purchased 

- The form MUST be stamped with the official NZ Police stamp and then sent to us by the police. 

Please Click here for the printable Wild Outdoorsman Police Mail Order Form in PDF

After you make your purchase we will email you with the police mail order form attached as well as the serial number of the Firearm you have purchased  



We can ship firearms but we can only ship to registered Dealers Licence holders. So please keep in mind where you would like it sent when purchasing online, you will need to ask the retailer if they are happy to receive the Firearm on your behalf.