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Winchester XPR 308 Cerakote + Scope + Suppressor

Winchester XPR 308 Cerakote + Scope + Suppressor
Rain, snow, sleet or mud — you name it and the XPR can handle it. It’s a rugged, no nonsense game-getter that will put meat in your freezer for many years to come.
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The trigger housing and all internal components in the XPR™ rifle’s M.O.A trigger are constructed of polished and hardened carbon steel, with a blued finish for added durability and corrosion resistance. 

Take-up is the distance the trigger piece travels prior to the sear moving toward release and the shooter feeling resistance. The XPR™ rifle’s M.O.A. Trigger System uses a spring to eliminate take-up by keeping the trigger piece in constant contact with the actuator. Unlike many competitors’ designs, the unique geometry of the M.O.A. pre-loads the entire trigger system to bias out normal manufacturing tolerances.

Creep is the perceptible movement of the trigger prior to the release of the firing pin and has a negative influence on accuracy, causing inconsistency and uncertainty during the pull of the trigger. Creep contributes to jerking the trigger, thus adding to movement of the gun during firing. The 2:1 mechanical advantage created by this unique design geometry has virtually eliminated creep in the XPR™ rifle’s M.O.A. Trigger.

Overtravel is the rearward movement of the trigger after the firing pin has been released. It can actually jar the gun away from its intended point of aim and is very distracting to the shooter. The XPR™ rifle’s adjustable M.O.A. Trigger System is set at the factory to break at a crisp 3 1/2 pounds with no perceptible overtravel. When the sear drops, the trigger stops. Where you aim is where you shoot.

The robust XPR™ BOLT is crafted from chromoly steel barstock and is through-hardened during heat-treatment. The bolt design offers three front locking lugs and a short 60-degree lift for improved scope clearance when cycling. The full-diameter bolt body creates a more rigid component. It is then coated with NICKEL TEFLON® for smoother operation and added corrosion resistance. The one-piece bolt handle is sculpted to give a more positive grip. The bolt can be fieldstripped in just seconds without special tools for cleaning and lubrication.

The one-piece TRIGGER GUARD and MAGAZINE FRAME design offers a generous guard opening for use with gloves. The DETACHABLE BOX MAGAZINE is constructed of a light yet rugged polymer and securely latches at both the front and rear. A single stack design that feeds cartridges in a straight line to the chamber; the magazine’s capacity is three rounds in both magnum and standard calibers. Additional magazines can be easily carried in a pocket or pack.

The XPR™ RECEIVER starts out as a hefty piece of chromoly steel barstock that’s precision machined and through-hardened during heat-treating to create a strong, stiff and solid receiver capable of delivering pinpoint accuracy. The ejection port is generously sized for more reliable ejection and easier access when loading single cartridges by hand. Two hefty socket head action screws allow the receiver to be precisely torqued in the stock for maximum accuracy. The receiver is drilled and tapped for beefy 8-40 screws, creating a more secure mounting for today’s larger, high-magnification scopes.

The XPR™ has an ADVANCED POLYMER STOCK that offers a matte finish with textured panels on the fore-end and pistol grip to improve grip in cold, wet weather. The fore-end has rounded edges plus a slightly flattened bottom profile for comfortable shooting from any position. This flattened profile also optimizes stability when firing off sandbags or a rest.

The INFLEX TECHNOLOGY RECOIL PAD has specially-shaped internal rib structures that redirect the recoil impulse, moving the comb down and away from your face. The ideally contoured contact area on the XPR™ offers optimal protection against felt recoil, even when shooting today’s magnum loads.
  • 21” Barrel Factory Threaded (M14x1)
  • STEALTH 4-12 x 40 1” MILDOT Scope
  • STEALTH Max 40 M14x1 Suppressor
  • STEALTH Deluxe Steel 1” Rings & Weaver Bases
  • Cerakote (Titanium) Barrel
  • Ergonomic Synthetic All Weather Stock
  • Trusted Winchester Action
  • Detachable 5 Shot Magazine

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