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Primus Eta Solo Stove

Primus Eta Solo Stove
The compact and lightweight Primus Eta Solo Stove is ideal for a quick brew on solo or two person trips. It is optimised for heating liquids as fast as possible with its built in windscreen and pot heat exchanger and comes with a cartridge footrest and suspension kit for anywhere use. The electric piezo ignition burner and a gas canister easily pack away inside the 900ml pot for easy packing. Can also be used with other pots and pans using the included detachable pan support.
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  • Very fast boiling time and low fuel consumption make for an environmentally friendly stove
  • High efficiency rate of close to 80% - 59 minutres on 100g gas
  • Burner optimised for fuel efficient pot with heat exchangers
  • Electric piezo ignition
  • Windshield adds stability to the stove as well as protection that makes for more even cooking
  • Robust quick-click locking mechanism
  • Comes with a cartridge footrest for good stability and a suspension kit
  • 900ml pot with heat exchanger and removeable wrap-around heat resistant cover with sure-grip handle is included
  • Pot lid has a special opening for dringking hot brews
  • Also comes with a detachable pan support so you can use wider pans - best to use aluminium pots with heat exchangers to shorten boiling times and extending fuel consumption
  • Fuel canister and burner will fit inside the pot for efficient storage
  • Low weight
  • For the best fuel economy, turn the throttle approx. ¾ open
  • Note: We do not sell fuel online as it is classed as dangerous goods for transport. However, compatible fuel is available nation wide and internationally.
Contents 900ml pot with cover, stove, cartridge footrest, suspension kit, pan support
Capacity 900ml
Dimensions 10.5 x 15.5cm
Ignition Electric Piezo
Compatible Fuel Isobutane
Maximum Output 1500 W / 5400 BTU/hr
Boil Time 2.1 minutes per 500ml water
Average Weight 365g
Made From Aluminium

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