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Outdoor Outfitters Gun Bag Rifle 48"

Outdoor Outfitters Gun Bag Rifle 48
You may have your shotgun or rifle, ammo, clothing, duck decoys & faithful dog, now just protect your investment with this durable & versatile rifle or shotgun bag with carry handle & generous sized velcro side pouch.

These gun bags also have superior quality zips.

Long and wide, made for rifles with or without scopes. These bags are suitable for rifles & most firearms.

They are heavier in the outside cover than most, thicker in the padding, softer on the internal lining than most other gun bags.

They have a full length zip which enables the bag to be opened completely and laid flat.

- Double thickness padding
- 100% Polyester
- Matching Front and back center pouch, with additional front pouches
- Made in China
- Soft protective internal padding
- Rifle and shotgun suitable
- Easy to carry with
- Full length shoulder strap
- 48" / 121cm length
NZ$ 69.99
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