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Mankung 80lb Self Cocking 'Alligator' Pistol Grip Crossbow With Resin Body

Mankung 80lb Self Cocking 'Alligator' Pistol Grip Crossbow With Resin Body

**Rated at 80lbs this is great for backyard fun or Small Varmint Hunting.

Brand new and absolutely gorgeous resin ‘Alligator’ Self cocking Pistol Crossbow from Man Kung Archery Manufacturer of Taiwan!

With it’s new look military styling, the Alligator bow is the latest design in pistol crossbow technology.

Featuring sturdy but lightweight, resin construction with fibreglass cross limb and the well known, special self-cocking action.

The self cocking feature is simple and safe to use and insures precise string alignment shot after shot.

Simply hold the front tooth and rear lever while bending down the middle after depressing the locking latch – SIMPLE.

During the self cocking action a safety lever is automatically engaged to ensure safe operation at all times during use.
Featuring a built in auto-safety mechanism which will engage while cocking, reducing accidental firing.

Boasting upgraded front sights and a fully adjustable front tactical grip system.
The moulded hand adjustable forgrip can be used either one or two handed in a variety of positions.

For this bow we recommend the heavier aluminium bolts capable of being sent down range at over 100mph (202.9 kms to be precise!)

This kit comes with 3 aluminium bolts, but should you need more, we have plenty!
Rated at 80lbs this is great for backyard fun or Small Varmint Hunting.

Bolts fired travel up to 185 fps+ (202.9 kilometers per hour), with pinpoint accuracy up to 30 metres.
These cross bows give its users far more power and accuracy than a traditional bow.

The Man Kung MK-TCS1-G is an 80 lb rated Self Cocking Pistol Crossbow, propelling its aluminum bolts at speeds of 185fps (202.9kms).

Has the NEW Fast Cocking System, because of this, it is possible to cock the Man Kung Recurve Crossbow without the use of a lot off force, and Fast.

Built in Auto Safety.
This 80 lb crossbow shoots longer distances and is very accurate with Aluminum Bolts.
Equipped with an 11 mm rail for the mounting of a scope, laser or red dot.
The MK-TCS1-G pistol crossbow comes complete with 3 crossbow arrows (bolts) and a sight.
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  • Self-Cocking Feature: Simple and safe while ensuring precise string alignment
  • ‘Auto-Safety’ mechanism which engages when cocking
  • Recurve Pistol Grip Crossbow
  • Bolt retainer
  • Solid Resin construction
  • High tech fibreglass limb
  • Tactical adjustable grip
  • High-Tech fiberglass limb
  • Upgraded front sights
  • Track Style For Greater Control & Accuracy With Aluminum Bolts
  • Draw Weight 80 lbs
  • Bolt / Arrow Speed : 185 FPS 202.9 kms per hour
  • Power Stroke 6″ / 152mm
  • 3 x 6.5″ aluminium bolts & a pre-waxed 80lb string included.
  • 3 x Aluminum Bolts Included
  • Width 16.5 ” / 419mm
  • Length 20 ” / 508mm
  • Weight 1.98 lbs / 898 grams


  • 3 Aluminum arrows,
  • 1 limb,
  • 1 string,
  • 1 Fibreglass Prod
  • 1 Foregrip Body Assembly

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  • Posted: 2023-03-21
  • Posted: 2022-03-28

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