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Outdoor Outfitters Camouflage Face Paint 5 Colour Case With Mirror

Outdoor Outfitters Camouflage Face Paint 5 Colour Case With Mirror
Compact camouflage face paint kit in a handy hard wearing case with built in mirror.

Ideal for all occasions when you don't want to be seen, this pocket sized case contains 5 colours - Green, White, Brown, Olive & Black

Colour camouflage compact
Each Case contains five Colours - Gray, Light Green, Dark Green, Brown & Black
Compact, Hardwearing case with a built in mirror
Dimensions: 77x63x19mm (WxDxH)
Compact case that snaps closed
Camouflage your face and hands in stripes or patterns to suit your environment
No-Glare Colours
NZ$ 19.99
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