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Back Country Cuisine Desserts & Smoothies

Back Country Cuisine Desserts & Smoothies
Top off an adventurous day with this delicious range of Back Country desserts.

Perfect for stashing in the pack while camping, tramping or heading up the slopes snowboarding, these desserts are incredibly easy to prepare and great tasting. The ideal way to unwind after an active day before crawling exhausted into your sleeping bag.

The careful balance of carbohydrates and sugars provide instant energy replacement, protein to replenish exhausted muscles and oils and fat to provide an energy store. Blended from freeze dried fruit, these two-serve desserts are processed to retain their natural flavours and can be prepared in the pack within 10 minutes by adding boiling water.
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Apricot Crumble: 


Watch the stars come out while tucking into this delicious two-serve Apricot Crumble. Made from fruity chunks of apricot in hot sauce and smothered in tasty malt crumbs.

Ingredients:  Biscuit crumb 33% [flour, margarine, sugar, malt, raising agent (500), flavour, antioxidant (306), acidity regulator, colour (150,155)], sugar, apricot, modified maize starch (1442), canola oil
Allergens:  Contains gluten cereal, milk

Nutritional Information:
2x serve per pack. Serving size: 225grams*

Apple Pie:


Perfect for sharing around the flickering candle light.This two-serve Apple Pie dessert is packed with delicious apple slices, dried fruits and spiced with cinnamon, then topped off with a tasty shortbread crust.

Ingredients:  Apple, sugar, dried fruit, modified maize starch (1442), biscuit (flour, margarine, sugar, raising agent (500), flavour, antioxidant (306), acidity regulator, colour (150, 155)], spice
Allergens:  Contains gluten cereal, milk, egg

Nutritional Information:
2x serve per pack. Serving size: 225grams*
Net weight: 150 grams

Strawberry Ice Cream:  

Made from real ice-cream, strawberries, marshmallows and chocolate chips, this delicious dessert is Ambrosia and Rocky Road rolled into one.
Ingredients: Ice Cream [Whole milk powder, sugar, stabiliser (407)(466), flavour], chocolate [sugar, milk solids, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, emulsifiers (476), flavours], marshmallows [Glucose syrup, sugar, water, getatine, dextrose monohydrate, flavour, colour(122), mineral salt(452), wheat starch, maize starch],
Allergens: Contains gluten, milk

Nutrition information 

  • Serves per pack:  2                                             
  • Net weight: 150 g                                     
  • Preparation: Add 180 ml water


Fruit Salad Trifle: 
Madeira cake and selected fruit pieces, smothered in smooth vanilla custard
Ingredients: Sponge cake, [Sponge premix powder (sugar, hi ratio flour, emulsifier (475), skim milk powder, baking powder (450, 500), starch, maltodextrin, salt, vegetable gums (415, 412), flavour, colour (102)), Egg, Water], instant custard [skim milk powder, sugar, modified starch, setting agents (450, 339)], fruit [ pineapple, yellow papaya, red papaya and guava]
Allergens: Contains gluten, milk, egg, soy

Nutrition information                         

  • Serves per pack                2                                             
  • Net weight:        150 g                                     
  • Preparation        Add 350 ml water                                            
  • Serving size:       250 g


Three Fruits Cheesecake Dessert: 
A creamy mix of blended cheesecakes with real fruit pulp.
Ingredients: Cream Cheese (32%) (Cream, Milk Solids, Milk, Salt, Acidity Regulator (270), Emulsifiers (450, 451, 452, 339) Thickener (401), Flavour), Sugar, Sour Cream (16%) (Cream, Milk, Milk Solids, Thickeners 1442, 410, 407), Halal Gelatine, Culture), Egg, Boysenberrries (2%), (Mango (1%), Apricot, Peach), Strawberries (2%), Wheat Flour, Butter, Thickener (1442, Corn Starch), Lemon Juice, Malt Extract, Wheat Fibre, Flavour, Vegetable Oil, Spices, Acidity Regulator (330), Colour (110, 160a, 160d, 155, 129, 132), Raising Agent (500, 541), Salt, Potassium Sorbate (202), (211), Antioxidant (300).
Allergens: Contains gluten, milk, sulphite

Nutrition information 

  • Serves per pack    2                             
  • Net weight:        150g                      
  • Preparation        Add 150ml water                             
  • Serving size:       300g

NOTE:products are manufactured in premises that process gluten, dairy, egg, soy, fish, tree nuts, sesame and sulfite products. An allergen management programme is implemented to store allergen products separately and ensure thorough cleaning between product lines. No added MSG (mono sodium glutamate E621), but glutamate products may be present from other processed ingredients. *All values considered averages after reconstitution.

Berry Smoothie Smoothie Mix [Whole Milk Powder, Sugar, Stabiliser (407, 466), Flavour], Boysenberries (11%)

Banana Smoothie Smoothie Mix [Whole Milk Powder, Sugar, Stabiliser (407, 466), Flavour], Banana (11%)
Serves per pack 1 Serving size 335g

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