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Opinel Knives Carbon Steel

Opinel Knives Carbon Steel
This famous Opinel folding knives are to hand during all your adventures: hiking, camping, bivouacking, hunting and fishing. Extremely versatile, they are the ideal companion for your excursions into Nature.

The carbon steel is extremely hard, thereby ensuring that the cutting edge is maintained, little wear and easy regrinding.
The carbon is not very corrosion-resistant: we advise you to avoid damp environments and to wipe and oil the blade after use.
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Cut out from a strip of steel, the blade is heat-treated to alter the internal structure of the steel, making it very hard. This raw blade then passes through a series of specific grinding wheels in the fully robotised grinding-polishing machines. They give it the unique domed Opinel profile which ensures unrivalled strength and cutting edge.

Invented by Marcel Opinel in 1955, the Virobloc safety ring locks the blade in the open position (safety in use), and the blade can also be locked in the closed position (safety in transport).

Blade: Carbon Steel
Handle: Beech

Blade Length  -  No. 2   4.1cm    Overall Length  8cm

                        No. 3   4.4cm                         10cm

                        No. 4     5cm                          12cm

                        No. 5   6.3cm                         14cm

                        No. 6   7.3cm                      16.5cm

                        No. 7   8.1cm                      17.9cm

                        No. 8   8.5cm                         19cm

                        No. 9   8.9cm                         21cm

                        No. 10  10cm                         23cm

                        No. 12  12cm                         28cm

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