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Accu-Tech Flip Open Scope Cover | Choose Size

Accu-Tech Flip Open Scope Cover | Choose Size
  • Accu-Tech Flip Open Scope Cover | Choose Size
The Accutech Flip-Open Eyepiece Scope Cover offers the ultimate scope lens protection for hunters and shooters. A great alternative to a neoprene scope cover as you don't have to remove it before shooting.

These awesome lens covers attach snugly on to the eyepiece of your scope, creating an airtight seal that will help protect your scope in even the most extreme of conditions.

A fast yet silent, flip up design allows you to open the scope cover with just the touch of your thumb so you can take your shot during a narrow window of opportunity.
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[{"colour":"","code":"742901730005","size":"","price":29.99,"qty":2,"pid":3678248,"style":"EYE FLIP OPEN SCOPE CAP 39.4MM","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/387147/pid3678244/265561.jpg","title":"Accu-Tech Flip Open Scope Cover | Choose Size"},{"colour":"","code":"742901730012","size":"","price":29.99,"qty":6,"pid":3678249,"style":"EYE FLIP OPEN SCOPE CAP 39.9MM","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/387147/pid3678244/265561.jpg","title":"Accu-Tech Flip Open Scope Cover | Choose Size"},{"colour":"","code":"742901730029","size":"","price":29.99,"qty":8,"pid":3678250,"style":"EYE FLIP OPEN SCOPE CAP 42.5MM","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/387147/pid3678244/265561.jpg","title":"Accu-Tech Flip Open Scope Cover | Choose Size"},{"colour":"","code":"742901730050","size":"","price":29.99,"qty":3,"pid":3678251,"style":"OBJ FLIP OPEN SCOPE CAP 46MM","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/387147/pid3678244/265561.jpg","title":"Accu-Tech Flip Open Scope Cover | Choose Size"},{"colour":"","code":"742901730067","size":"","price":29.99,"qty":7,"pid":3678252,"style":"OBJ FLIP OPEN SCOPE CAP 49MM","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/387147/pid3678244/265561.jpg","title":"Accu-Tech Flip Open Scope Cover | Choose Size"},{"colour":"","code":"742901730074","size":"","price":29.99,"qty":8,"pid":3678254,"style":"OBJ FLIP OPEN SCOPE CAP 52MM","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/387147/pid3678244/265561.jpg","title":"Accu-Tech Flip Open Scope Cover | Choose Size"}]
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Available in a range of sizes for both objective lens (clear cover) and ocular lens (black cover)

• Fast, flip-open design keeps your eye on the target
• Silent spring hinges wont spook game
• Air-tight semi-o-ring keeps out dust and moisture
• Weigh less than 30g
• Ocular lenses are black with thumb flip release
• Objective lens are transparent 

Approximate size guide - Size fits approximate eyepiece outside diameter listed below in mm
• Ocular Lens (rear) - 39.4mm (up to 40.4mm)
• Ocular Lens (rear) - 39.9mm (up to 40.9mm)
• Ocular Lens (rear) - 42.5mm (up to 43.5mm)
• Ocular Lens (rear) - 43.2mm (up to 44.2mm)
• Ocular Lens (rear) - 45.1mm (up to 46.1mm)
• Objective Lens (front) - 46mm (up to 47mm)
• Objective Lens (front) - 49mm (up to 50mm)
• Objective Lens (front) - 52mm (up to 53mm)
• Objective Lens (front) - 57.4mm (up to 58.4mm)
• Objective Lens (front) - 61.2mm (up to 62.2mm)

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