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Hunters Element Vantage Hoodie - Desolve Veil

Hunters Element Vantage Hoodie - Desolve Veil
  • Hunters Element Vantage Hoodie - Desolve Veil
The new Vantage Hoodie is a sun shield and sweat vacuum. Made from our newest extreme wicking, bamboo charcoal infused honeycomb fabric. The key to comfort while performing high-intensity activities in the heat of summer is protecting the skin from the sun and removing the uncomfortable sweat that comes with the territory. The Vantage Hoodie has been designed for this job by covering as much of the body as possible and providing the best technology in moisture-wicking fabrics. The hood and integrated face veil can be used not only to shield from the sun but also to provide a stealthier approach for close quarters stalking. Human skin is particularly bright to deer’s eyes in low light situations. By covering yourself in Desolve camouflage you give yourself the best possible chance of remaining undetected. It also utilizes two high-performance fabrics in a body-mapped design to allow for maximum movement in the high stretch areas.
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  • Weight SzM: 250g
  • Body-mapped design
  • Lightweight and packable
  • Integrated face mask with laser cut holes to avoid moisture build-up and fog when wearing glasses
  • Responsibly sourced bamboo charcoal infused honeycomb fabric for the best in wicking, quick-drying and anti-odour control
  • Certified UPF 30+

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