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Armsan Phenoma Synthetic 12G 28"


As at 3pm Tuesday 24.03.2020

We are open on the 24th and 25th while the level 3 lockdown is in place. 

Normal hours Tuesday. 9am - till we slow down on Wednesday. This includes both Greymouth & Hokitika stores.

*** We will be in lockdown for a minimum of 4 weeks ***


* Mountain Radios - no new radios will be issued or hired until alert level has been reduced to level 1 

* NZ Couriers - The Hokitika Branch is a Depot for NZC, this will mean that NZC customers will have to contact NZC direct in Christchurch to organise pick ups and or purchase bags & tickets. 

you can find a contact here -

We will do our best to fulfil any online orders made. Our website will still be operational during lockdown and any orders will be shipped when the lockdown is lifted.

Keep safe team !

Armsan Phenoma Synthetic 12G 28
Calibrated Bed & Fireworks : A 12G / 76mm (3 ")
Barrel: 28"
Weight: 3.1 KG (6.8 LBS)
Shocks : MC3
Capacity options : 4+1
Details & Accessories : SOFT TOUCH synthetic, MAGAZINE CUT-OFF, FIBER OPTIC SIGHT
Comes with Case
NZ$ 1,099.99
NZ$ 200.00 (a 18% discount)
NZ$ 899.99
We only have 2 items left. Don't miss out!

NOTE: Firearms, All firearms & ammunition sales must be accompanied by police purchase form, forms can be filled out at your local police station. This form must then be sent to our store before purchase.

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