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Game Gear Quack Addict

Game Gear Quack Addict

Game Gear Quack Addict

Ok so you have a confession to’re a Quack addict. Can’t sleep - not hungry, keep hearing the whistle of wings and the splash of a feathered body landing. The dog keeps looking at you pleading with you to escape back out to the pond or river. Recipe’s flying back and forth - breast - roast - baked or fried - do I pluck or don’t I.
Don’t worry we have the answer............shut up and hunt and make sure your wearing our gear - cured instantly guaranteed. Cure wears off after one good sleep so needs to be repeated often!

Our Game Gear Premium cotton T-Shirts are built tough and made to last. The natural 100% cotton fabric is cool & dry in summer and warm in winter. Our Game Gear tees are well known for their thick cotton fabric that's incredibly strong, their luxurious softness and long lasting color. Match this with our in-house printing and exceptional artwork and you have one cool looking and long lasting tee.

Colour: Black
NZ$ 39.99
NZ$ 10.00 (a 25% discount)
NZ$ 29.99
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NZ$ 29.99 per item
Price for 2+:
NZ$ 27.50 per item
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