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Buffalo River 223Rem OSA Sierra 55gr Blitzking


As at 3pm Tuesday 24.03.2020

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Buffalo River 223Rem OSA Sierra 55gr Blitzking
The 223 would be one of the most fired cartridges in New Zealand . Shooters are always looking for quality, accuarate, reliable and affordable ammuniton for their 223's. OSA has provided this with our line of 223 ammuntion, Made in Australia.

The Sierra BlitzKing bullet used in this ammuntion has long been a favourite of professional shooters in New Zealand, for its performance and consistency. Sierra BlitzKing bullets are the world’s most effective bullets for predator and varmint hunting. A thin jacket provides outstanding accuracy and the explosive expansion you need!
NZ$ 34.99
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Firearms, All firearms & ammunition sales must be accompanied by police purchase form, forms can be filled out at your local police station. This form must then be sent to our store before purchase.

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