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NEW LED Lenser XEO 19R

NEW LED Lenser XEO 19R
The incredible NEW XEO 19R from Ledlenser's German design team is the ultimate in headlamps. It is overflowing with features that deliver incomparable performance and usability.

With a mind-blowing 2000 lumens of brightness, and with a lamp head weighing just 193 g, it represents the next step in the evolution of headlamps. It features a world first - two LEDS that can be focused separately and their brightness controlled individually.Why choose between a floodlight or focused spotlight when now you can have both at once?

The XEO 19R is packed full of features. It is incredibly easy to operate with a NEW 5-way switch that lets you switch easily between the 5 different light functions. One of the light functions on offer is OPTISENSE technology, where the light automatically adjusts to the surrounding environment. Another Ledlenser innovation is Speed Cooling - as the speed of the user increases, the increased airflow helps to cool the headlamp. This allows the headlamp to generate brighter light at higher speeds.

The rechargeable power pack is detachable, enabling the XEO to easily change into a hand-held or bike light. You can also charge other devices like smartphones and digital cameras from it.

Ground-breaking. Revolutionary. Just what you expect from Ledlenser. 5 year warranty.
NZ$ 499.99
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  • X Lens Technology Pro
    Combines the output of two LED's into one powerful light beam. Each LED can be focused and controlled separately
  • Smart Light Technology
    Offers 5 light functions (Boost, Low Power, Power, OPTISENSE (automatic dim), Strobe)
  • Advanced Focus System
    Allows easy changing between broad floodlight and focused long distance beam. Operates independently for both LED's.
  • Lamp head can tilt 90 degrees
    Lets you direct the light exactly where you need it
  • Low Battery Message System
    Light will blink to indicate low battery
  • 5-Way Switch
    Offers easy, intuitive control of the light functions
  • Internal Cooling System
    Means no heat is generated at the head
  • Speed Cooling
    As the speed of the user increases so does the cooling, meaning more light can be produced
  • Transport Lock
    Prevents the light from being switched on by accident - great in a pack
  • OPTISENSE Technology option
    The light automatically adjusts to suit the surrounding environment
  • Power Pack with USB port
    For easy recharging. Also can be used to recharge other devices like smartphones and digital cameras
  • Detachable Power Pack
    Means you can attach the XEO 19R to helmets or use it as a bike light
Brightness (Boost) 2000 lumens
Brightness (High) 1000 lumens
Brightness (Low) 200 lumens
Brightness (Emergency) 10 lumens
Beam Range (Boost) 300 m
Beam Range (High) 220 m
Beam Range (Low) 100 m
Burn Time (Boost) 4 hours
Burn Time (High) 8 hours
Burn Time (Low) 20 hours
Burn Time (Emergency) 400 hours
Water resistance IPX6
Weight 472 g (with batteries)
Battery Li-ion rechargeable power box 7.4V/ 5200mAh (included)
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